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We offer PERSONALIZED placement and referral services for help in locating senior care services and options. We provide resources and experience to families who need help in locating quality Assisted Living, Residential Care, Adult Day Care, and Senior Retirement Communities for elderly relatives.

We offer FREE consultations & individual assessments in your home, the hospital, or other facility by retired RN / licensed RCFE administrator (EXPERIENCED in senior care placement since 1998).

A-ASSIST Elderly Placement will research the appropriate up-to-date care homes, facilities, community services and options to present to you. We assist you in finding the RIGHT place with the RIGHT assistance of 'Level of Care' for that special Senior. Whether you are looking for an 'apartment style' setting with centralized dining services, housekeeping, transportation, medication monitoring, and social or recreational programs; or a 'home-style' setting with 4-5 other residents receiving individual care and attention in an environment similar to their own home.

We offer a Personal ESCORT SERVICE for you to tour appropriate and available independent Retirement, Assisted Living Communities, and Residential Care Homes.

We Save You Time And Worry!